A family tradition since 1943 

In the period of II World War, my beloved grandfather, Ugo Baguzzi, (at that time very young), was impressed by the enormous number of U.S. soldiers and marines who arrived in Naples.


He started to learn English by those people and in very short time became American friendly, with a very good feeling with foreign very close to our life style and behave.


He began to do walking tours of the city and nearest area with these people.
In next years, because of the boom in visitors, he decided to become a driver for tourists (one of the first of the Region), continuing the walking visits of Naples for the most exacting tourists, all the times possible.


Still many years and then he decided to become a driver of public transportation.


But in the meantime, he had left something in mind of my father, Roberto, something of immense interest.  

Around 1972, when Roberto was young and motherless, he decided to move to London, for many years, in order to do some personal experience, earning a little money to help the family and even to learn English language, because in previous period was very interested by the story of Ugo, telling about foreign people; Thanks to this interest, Roberto finally knew that was basic to speak English in that time, and (most of all) in future.


When he returned from London, he started to improve his knowledge about the city and in meantime was achieving the special driving licenses and authorization to do a new job.. “driver for tourist” as he called. Now modern expressions say “Private driver” OR “Chauffeur” OR “Limo Driver” and many other like these, but the real meaning of this expression (the soul of this incredible job) is driver for tourists.


Roberto operates in this field from many years, and he has the great good fortune of having two sons Alessandro (me) and Marco, who have followed him in this long and demanding path.

He has always been committed to teach us all the most important things about this job and especially taught us what it means to communicate with tourists coming from so far away, but with whom there are so many things to share and styles life to compare.


As you can see we are the 3rd generation running this business.
I always say “a family run business, makes difference”.


Maximum interest in customer care and satisfaction is one of the first concern for me
and for all the others of the staff.


I always try to respond to all the inquiries in the shortest time, with long messages, where you can find all the answers to your request and even some more important detail/info; And this is only the first step!


If you will like to be our special guests, this means that you will wish to honor us choosing definitively our company, to make sure of professionalism, competence and kindness, let’s say the basic “keywords” for us.


We always go ahead (hard job..) in order to reach our first/main aim: let the tourists who choosing us, do a great “pass the word”, like a mass event.

If you wish to read even something on how we work, let’s say practically what we do with our clients, you have just to click here.

Gratefully Yours,
Alessandro (Alex for friends, for my clients) Baguzzi

Manager of L.S.N.