Moving from Naples, in about 1:15’ Positano is the first village that you meet along the Amalfi coast. Touring this area you will admire and photograph a unique coast scenery. Walking through the little streets and visiting the famous Positano shops, you will know why so many world famous artists want to stay in this gorgeous little village. Combine Positano tour with other location, our excursions are personalized: take the advantage of OUR SUGGESTIONS

Here are some helpful information before you start your tour:


Historical information

Located into the mountain, surrounded by rich Mediterranean vegetation, Positano is so picturesque as to seem a natural stage setting, seen from the gorgeous bay it looks like a huge nativity scene, this old village was founded by a colony coming from the south, exactly from Paestum, a colony forced to leave when a disease cause from malaria start to spread.
Today the village develops vertically, the little houses painted in pastel colours are on top of the other giving a unique a precious look, and the little beaches (Fornillo, Fiumicello, and Arienzo) are very charming and easy to get to on foot or by boat. A few miles from the coast there is a small archipelago composed by three islets, “Li Galli” or “Syrenuse” so called because were considered to be the dwellings of the sirens, mythological figures half women and half fish. This small archipelago was the private summer residence of the world wide famous Russian dancer Rudolf Nureyev. In his memory the “Positano international award for the art of dance” is presented every year. Positano is a perfect holiday destination in case you wish a TOP ESCLUSIVE vacations.

Shore Excursion Positano: is not just about the sea


But Positano is not just about the sea. On the main square, for example you can admire the parish church of Santa Maria Assunta dated back to the year 1000 with a beautiful e coloured majolica cupola visible from all over town, or interesting walks to visit and discover the areas around named “Lattari mountains”,  like Montepertuso so called because the legend said that Madonna appeared in hole of the Montepertuso (Pertuso stands for hole). After this, a stairway of 1700 steps takes you to Nocelle, and from here the trail of the gods (sentieri degli dei) begins, with a breathtaking views over the entire coast.

Shopping in Positano


Positano is “quite” famous for another feature: the narrow streets lined with boutiques, which create the well know Positano style. Boutique which show their summer clothing, textiles of bright colours for beach, pareus, bikinis and also the hand-made leather sandals can be ordered to size, at the moment. You’ll find on sale the paintings from many artists that propose views of the beautiful bay, colourful local ceramics, and wide selection of typical products.
In few words, if you like the glamorous style.. the perfect place for you is on the Amalfi coast, touring Positano.

The service will be performed by English speaking driver using Mercedes sedan or deluxe mini-van; Positano can be combined with other beautiful locations.