Shore Excursions Naples

Our tours are fully customizable. What I always say, is “this is YOUR experience and YOU’ll decide for everything!”
Even if by email I try to give all the useful information you need, the highlight of each schedule/itinerary, at beginning of any tour, together with your driver (and/or your guide, in case of guided tours), thanks to our experience and experiences of other tourists, you will make the arrangement according to your needs, considering special events, avoiding hours where the places are very crowded along the coasts.

All the tours will be performed in a very flexible way.

Of course, everything to let our guests feel at home, suiting specific needs and maximizing the time at disposal.

Touring the breathtaking places with us, you’ll have the chance to discover the most important historical, cultural, archaeological, sites in total relaxation and comfort.
All our vehicle are really comfortable and well equipped with double air conditioning system.
One of my mottos is “You are a friend, before to being a client”
An English speaking driver will be completely at your disposal for the day (or half day, in case you choose half-day tours). This person will take care of you and your group/family, explaining a bit of our history, describing the various places of interest, even sharing personal experience with you, in order to let you feel the “Neapolitan soul”, which is one of the most friendly-passionate ones worldwide!

Last but not least.. your lunch: the best food experience ever!

Mediterranean cuisine: local products, season vegetable, fresh fish.

We can stop in a superb restaurant, overlooking the sea, where you stay in a friendly atmosphere tasting our amazing flavours.


You can ask for a simple and quick meal, no matter what you prefer to do, the driver will know the right place for you.

OK, in this little brief on “HOW WE WORK” , in the behalf of my company, I need to say you last things about us: if one of the drivers, during the excursions, recommend certain place (restaurants and shops) as opposed to others, is only because the experience we have taken by years and years in this field, and of course (most of all) because the experiences of other clients.
Our company makes no commission on any of the services we might suggest.
The most important concern for me is your complete satisfaction.

Now I hope you have enough reasons to go ahead surfing on our website, I’m sure you’ll find a schedule which is tailored on you!

Alessandro (Alex for friends, for my clients) Baguzzi