Driving from Naples toward the coastline, we pass first through the areas nearby archaeological sites of Pompeii and Herculaneum, after this in a few miles we leave the highway in the area called “Castellammare di Stabia” (so named because the ancient little fortress you can see on your right, dated back to the period around 1000 – 1086 AD and that has given the original name of “Castrum ad mare”). This area is considered the very beginning of Sorrento Peninsula, and in a few minutes driving from this spot, you start to admire the incredible view of the whole peninsula from the distance. Of course you’ll be stopped (if you don’t mind), on a couple corners for the best pictures ever. From here we need about 15-20’ to reach the city centre, where you will have free time to walk around for shopping (leather goods, lemon products or the world famous inlaid wood works).
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Here are some helpful information before you start your tour:


(or sorrentine peninsula)

The entire peninsula is made by the following beautiful locations: Vico Equense, Piano di Sorrento, Meta and S. Agnello. Vico Equense, famous for is thermal baths, then the road fallows the sinuous slopes of mount lattari to reach Piano di Sorrento a natural rocky terrace.
Gradually the road slopes down towards Meta, a swimming area with the lovely beaches of marina di Meta and Alimuri. After Sant’Agnello (a charming and lively little town), there is Sorrento itself, the most famous place on the peninsula. The marvellous scenery makes Sorrento one of the most famous tourist attraction in Italy, a tranquil place to be enjoyed in all seasons for its mild climate. The houses are immersed in luxuriant vegetation and surrounded by groves of olive, lemon and orange trees. The town became famous in the 1800’s but its history has much deeper roots. The legend says that the name Surrentum tied to the legend of siren (Mermaid), a mythological figure half women with a fish tail, with their charming and deadly singing for all sailors.

Shore Excursion Sorrento


The beauty of location it was an attraction and inspiration for so many poets and artists. Legends like the greatest tenor of all time, Enrico Caruso, elected Sorrento as the favourite location. A very lively places in Sorrento is the main square of “Piazza Tasso” dedicated to the author of “Jerusalem delivered” born in Sorrento in 1544, Torquato Tasso. Near by the square is located the San Francesco cathedral, dates back to the 15th century; from the church you can get to the Villa comunale, a public garden on the edge of a cliff that offers spectacular view.
From the villa a nice and characteristic road takes you to the “Marina piccola” with numerous bathing establishments and the small port where the boats for Capri and Naples leave. Talking about the sorrentine strolls, We can’t talk missing mentioning the incredible local handicraft.

The works of genuine leather (shoes, handbags, belts, etc.) and above all the secular tradition of the inlaid wood art. What makes this unique sorrentine inlay so special is not just the mastery and inventiveness of the artist, but is profound knowledge of the material. Workmanship of unique beauty: complete furniture, music box, jewellery box, frames, grandfather clocks. These are some of the beauty and attraction of this splendid e sweet place.

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