Moving from Naples, on the highway “Napoli-Pompeii-Salerno”, in approx 30’ we will be in Torre del Greco area (located in the immediate vicinity of “Vesuvius National Park”, between Mt Vesuvius and the Bay of Naples).
Here, immediately out from the highway, we start to drive on the slopes of the Mountain.
You’ll need very few minutes to start to enjoy an incredible view of the Volcano from the distance and its strange and enormous rocky forms.
Once at quota 3200 Ft we will stop at the parking area and you will go ahead toward the crater walking through the amazing path up there (duration of this visit is estimated in about 1:50’ , to go up and down spending enough time on the crater of course).

The service will be performed by English speaking driver using Mercedes sedan or deluxe mini-van; Mt Vesuvius can be combined with many other beautiful locations, like the archaeological Pompeii and Herculaneum OR something more: CLICK HERE TO LOOK OUT OUR SUGGESTIONS