Leaving from Naples, we have 2 ways to reach the town of Amalfi. First option, the shortest one, if we pass through the mountains of Agerola, one of the little villages of “Monti Lattari” (Milky Mountains, as we generally call this area) quite famous for lots of dairy products; Second option, if we drive on the Sorrento Peninsula first and then nearby Positano, through Praiano and other small villages around, this latter case will be a complete drive on the coast, let’s say Sorrento drive in addition to the Amalfi drive, because you will admire both the coastlines.

The driver will be so pleased to give you the chance of a couple photo stops for the best pictures ever, on some of the spots we define as the “highlights” of driving.

Touring Amalfi, the first builing you can see, even from the distance is the beautiful and majestic cathedral of St. Andrew. But of course during your walking visit of Amalfi you have the opportunity to visit characteristics and cute little streets with many shops, cafès and local trattoria’s that surrounding the main square, dedicated to Flavio Gioia.

What makes this place a unique one, is its natural characteristics, that blend with the beauty and majesty of the cathedral.

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Here are some helpful information before you start your tour:


The incomparable beauty of the Amalfi coast has captured visitors from all over the world. Overlooking the serene blue of the sky and the sea, Amalfi is blessed with an incredible lush vegetation and flowering fields, a unique scene with an unforgettable natural beauty. The picturesque alleys of Amalfi today host a large number of tourists.

The origin of the city date back to the roman empire, which later became the territory of the duchy of Naples, until when in 839 Amalfi rebelled to the tyranny of the prince of Benevento Sicardi, becoming the first sea republic of Italy (the others were Venezia, Genova and Pisa) and being a real power both commercial and military so they had possibility to control the markets of the Mediterranean sea for more than 3 centuries. Amalfi was so powerful that start to promulgated its own maritime laws, the famous Amalfi tables which that was the first code navigation, and that was then taken over by other maritime republics.

Shore Excursion Amalfi Coast


Amalfi had minted its own currency call “Tarì”, gold on one side and silver on the other marked with a cross, symbol of the city. In short, a real power of the time. To remember this glorious past, every 4 years, in the month of June, in Amalfi you can assist at the “Historic regatta of the marine Republics”. Anciently Amalfi was also very famous for its paper mills, paper quality and craftsman shops of the artisans were known throughout Europe (there is no documentation about the origins of paper production), a process that continues today even though much reduced. Testimonies of this ancient work is still preserved in the museum of the paper of Amalfi.

The long steep stairs, the polychromatic façade of the church decorated by golden mosaics, and a bronze door of the byzantine era, makes this cathedral impressively beautiful, in addition to its proximity there are gorgeous locations like Praiano, a beautiful and relaxing little village very nice for holiday resort; Conca dei marini, instead, a fishing village offering a stunning panorama, is also the site of “Emerald grotto” where the sea water take an intense green hue caused by light filtration. In general the whole area is also famous for the incredible views of the coast from above. Thanks to all this beauty, Amalfi is considered the heart and soul of the coast.

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